What Are Specialist Leaders in Education?

Specialist leaders in education are experienced middle or senior leaders who are interested in supporting middle or senior leaders in other schools – the support is requested and brokered by the lead teaching school and there is a central database of SLEs and their specialisms in each area.

Regional system leaders are local leaders of education who are committed to helping other local leaders of school to improve the outcome for all students. At present Macmillan Teaching School has 3 Primary SLEs - early years, assessment, literacy and 1 RSL Head of Archibald Primary School, who are available to share their expertise with other schools in the North East region.

Macmillan Training School has also been involved in delivering secondary bespoke school to school support in humanities, progress of disadvantaged, food and nutrition, MFL, science and English.

This support was requested by partner schools and successfully delivered by our team of experts (heads of department and senior leaders).

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