We have an established middle leader programme, which has recently been re-designed to be cross-phase and aligned with NPQ.

We successfully hosted a cohort of 11 middle leaders in January and have a second cohort planned for the summer term.

In addition we will be continuing to support delivery of NPQML at one of our alliance partner schools Darlington Education Village, with the support of Macmillan Academy staff.

Middle Leader Training Course - Click to Download

Target audience

Teachers who wish to advance through their leadership career. This course would be ideal for those who have been given their first leadership role.

This programme is aimed at either existing middle leaders or those who aspire to this role.


To introduce teachers to the challenges of school leadership and to stimulate a curiosity and excitement to face these challenges.


By the end of the programme participants should have an understanding of the core skills required for school leadership:

> Modelling excellence in teaching and learning
> Relating to others
> Developing others
> Holding others to account

These objectives will be delivered through six modules:
1. Organisational climate
2. What do leaders do?
3. Developing a strategy to build teacher quality
4. Leadership styles
5. Giving feedback
6. Implementing strategy

The course is designed as an introduction to the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership, which we hope participants will aspire in the future.


Day 1 Start: 9.00am

Session 1 - Organisational climate
Session 2 - What do leaders do?
Session 3 - Building teacher quality through strategic thinking

Finish: 3.30pm

Day 2 Start: 9.00am

Session 1 - Leadership styles, coaching & holding people to account appropriately
Session 2 - Giving feedback to colleagues
Session 3 - Implementing strategy

Finish: 3.30pm

Programme leaders:

Phil Latham – Principal, Macmillan Academy/CEO, Endeavour Academies
Joani Windham – Consultant (teaching and learning), Macmillan Academy

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