Expert Teacher Programme

This is a 6 year training and development programme to support and challenge colleagues from ECT to M6. It is based on John Hattie's research - 'Distinguishing between experience and expertise.' It is an established training programme at Macmillan Academy and has seen excellent outcomes in retaining staff in years 1 to 6 of their teaching careers.

The ethos of the programme is to build professional capital and to ensure that when teachers have completed the 6 years of training they will be able to deliver day to day high quality lessons, have a track record of examination results, give effective and regular feedback which promotes student progress, have a positive rapport with students, parents and staff, have a constant drive to improve their practice, take on additional responsibilities, have the ability to mentor and coach others and can collaborate successfully with colleagues.

The programme includes an extensive ECT induction programme centred around the Teaching Standards 'Early Career Framework' and our academy teaching model 'OPTIC'. The ECT 2 training programme builds on the ECT year and years 3 to 6 of the expert teacher programme work to refine teaching and learning, to consolidate training and to ensure the building and nurturing of professional capital. The last 4 years of this bespoke training programme are based on comprehensive academic research which is the cornerstone of our OPTIC teaching and learning model.

Macmillan Training School would like to share the 6 year ETP with you and believe that this programme could provide excellent outcomes at both primary and secondary level. We believe that this training programme would be most successful when delivered as an ‘in-house’ on-going programme with sessions for each stage spread over a year. To this end we would offer the full programme, resources and a train-the-trainer event to schools who were interested.

Year 1 (ECT 1)

  • Evidence teacher standards and be introduced to expert teacher standards (Hattie)
  • Classroom climate, student engagement, assessment and feedback, personalisation, literacy and numeracy.
  • Follow ful Early Career Framework support programme in partnership with Ambition Institute.

Year 2 (ECT 2)

  • Evidence teacher standards and increased awareness of expert teacher standards (Hattie)
  • Focus on the outer layer of the teaching and learning model - evidence based teaching
  • Developing effective teacher and learner behaviours and using the lesson cycle
  • Follow ful Early Career Framework support programme in partnership with Ambition Institute.

Year 3

  • Working towards expert teacher standards (Hattie)
  • Focus on developing yourself through self-reflection and self-evaluation, observations - developmental, peer, camera, inter-session challenges.
  • Highly personalised coaching, with an individual focus.
  • Mentor an ITT
  • Delivered through TLC

Year 4

  • Focus on developing language and literacy

Year 5

  • Focus on feedback and assessment

Year 6

  • Focus on demonstrating the five dimensions of expert teachers
  • Ensuring the attributes of expert teachers are evident within all lessons
  • Use of the observational camera to trial and capture expert dimensions within lessons
  • Conduct personal study (Hattie) and collect evidence towards threshold
  • Delivered through TLC
  • Celebration

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